Korean Grammar Beg. ~고 (and)

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고 = and


1. This Korean Grammar point has many meaning different uses, however the basic form is simply “and”. Listing 2 or more actions, states, or facts.


저 학교은 커 학교의 교실도 커요. That school is big and the classrooms are also big.

한국의 여자들 예쁘 한국의 남자 잘생기 일번 여자도 예쁩니다. Korean Woman are beautiful and Korean men are handsome, and also Japanese woman are also beautiful.


2. This grammar point is also used to express that the action in the first clause happens or will happen before the action in the second clause. Therefor in English “and then”


오늘은 제가 학교 가 오후 수업을도 갈거예요. Today i will go to school and then to afternoon class.

우리는 사과를  먹 바나나를 먹자. Lets eat the apple and then eat the banana.


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