Koreab Grammar Int. ~ 는다면서요?/ ㄴ 다면서요?/ 다면서요?/ 이라면서요? (I heard that…)

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This grammar point is used when you are confirming a statement heard by another person. (“i heard that” she said …..)

는다면서요? For action verbs that end with a constant
ㄴ다면서요? For action verbs that end with a vowel
다면서요? For descriptive verbs
이라면서요? Used when attached to nouns

기기 씨, 다음 달에 결혼한다면서요? (I heard that Gigi will get married next month?)

가. 리에 씨가 내일 장학금을 받는다면서요 (i heard lee got a lot of encouragement to learn)
나. 네, 지난 시험 결과가 좋았어요 (yes she did really well in her last exam)

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