Korean Grammar Beg. ~고 싶다 (Hope to/Wish to/Want to)

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~고 싶다: Hope to -Wish to-Want to


The Korean grammar point “고 싶다” is used to express a want or hope for an action to take place. It is used with verbs. This grammar point is also occasionally used to express that you are missing something, depend on the situation. This is a useful korean grammar point, especially when you do not know much korean but are visiting Korea.



1. 저는 이마트에 가고 싶어요 = I want to go to E mart/ I hope to go to E mart.

2. 는 나를 보고 싶어? = Do you want to see me/ Do you miss me?

3. 가족을 보 싶다 = I want to see my family/ I miss my family.

4. 화장실에 가고 싶어요 = I want to go to the bathroom.

6. 고기를 먹고 싶다 = I wish to eat meat.


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