Korean Grammar Beg. ~보다 (More/Less…Than) Comparison

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보다 (More/Less…Than) Comparison grammar point
This grammar point is used all the time in Korea especially because Koreans generally don’t like talking directly about something. This grammar point is used well for that, it is used to compare any 2 things with each other. The word preceding 보다 is the standard from which a comparison will be made. This grammar point corresponds to “More/Less…Than” “-er…Than”. Also note that the word 더 are generally used together with 보다, but can be omitted.

Example of comparing grammar point 보다:

  • 주스보다 물을 (더) 좋아해요. = I like water more than juice/I prefer water to juice.
  • 어제보다 오늘이 따뜻하다. = Today is warmer than yesterday.
  • 아이패드보다 킨들을 더 좋아합니다. = I prefer the Kindle to the Ipad (Lie ^^)
  • 그 여자보다 그 남자가 옷을 잘 입어요. = That man is wearing better clothes than that woman.
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