Korean Grammar Beg. ~어/아/여하다 (D.V to A.V)

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어/아/여하다 = Descriptive Verb to Action Verb


This Korean grammar point is used to change a descriptive verb to an action verb. This grammar point can only be used with a third person subject. Unless the verbs 좋아하다 or 싫어하다 are used, which can be used in first person context.


Example of  어/아/여하다:

운전이 많이 타서 엄마가 힘들어합니다. = Mom is tired because she has much driving to do.

그 소식을 듣고 젠나 씨가 제일 슬퍼했어요. = Jenna was the most sad when hearing about the news.

저는 한국 음식을 좋아합니다. = I like Korean food.


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