Korean Grammar Beg. ~ 있다/없다 (to exist/to not exist)

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있다/없다 = to exist/to not exist


These grammar points are very simple and are used every where in Korean.

있다:  Shows that something exists: There is coffee = 커피있다 (있어요)

없다: Shows that something does not exist: There is no coffee = 커피가 없다 (없어요)

These grammar points can be used on anything, if you have a boy friend or not, a car or not, money or not, etc.


Look at the follow examples:

남자친구 있다 (있습니다) = I have a boyfriend

저는 남자친구가  (있습니다) = I don’t have a boyfriend

저는 없습니다 = I have no money

저는 있습니다 = I have a car

저는  있어요 = I have a book/ I have the book

저는 한국 없어요 = I do not have Korean clothes



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