Korean Grammar Beg. ~지 마세요/ 지 말고 (Do not…)

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지 마세요/ 지 말고 = Do not…

This korean grammar point is used to persuide or order the listener to not do something, and comes after a verb.  In English its exactly “do not”, however when we add “세요” giving you ~지 마세요, the enlish translation is exactly “please do not do….“. If this grammar point is used in formal speech we may use “지 마십시오“, which literally means “Please lets not do that” but it is used as “Please do not do it”.  A very easy grammar point and it is used a lot.


Example of the Korean Grammar point “do not”:

지마세요 = Please do not go

지마세요 = Please do not look

오늘은 눈을 많이 내려서 일로 차를 타지 마 = Today lots of snow is coming down, so do not drive

오늘 만나지 말고 다음에 만나 = Lets not meet today, lets meet next time.


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