Korean Grammar Beg. ~에 (to/from-in/on)

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에 가다/ 에 오다 = Go to there/Come from there


1. The grammar point “에” is mainly used with verbs like 가다, 오다, 도착하다, 돌아가다, 내려가다, 올라가다. It shows the direction in which a action proceeds. In English it would be the same as “to/from”.

Example of 1에:

  • 날마다 학교에 가요. Everyday i go to school
  • 화장실 갔다 왔어요. I went came back from the bathroom


2. The second basic meaning of this particle is when it is used with 있다 or 없다, when used with these it expresses the location of a person or thing. In English it would be “in” or “on”.

Example of 2에:

  • 소파 위 동생이 있어요. My brother is on the sofa.
  • 가족들은 저 동굴 있어요. My family is in that cave
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