Korean Grammar Beginner – 을/를 (Object) Particle

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을/를 Particle

Is attached to a noun to show the object of the sentence.

So when making a sentence in Korean the object of the sentence must have 을/를 at then end.

When the object ends in a vowel use and if the object ends in a constant use .

The reason for this is make the sounding of the language more natural.


– 그 옷 완하고 싶다. (I want that pair of clothes)

– 사과 아주 좋아요.  (I really like apples)


If we do not use particles in Korean sentences Koreans would not be able to understand what you are saying. So its very important to make sure you add the right particle in the right place. In the beginning it is confusing but soon it is very easy to understand.

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