Korean Grammar Beginners “Dictionary”

Korean Beginner Grammar/Topik 1&2 beginner grammar


Find all basic/beginners Korean grammar Below.

Your own Free Korean grammar Dictionary ^^


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1,이다/이예요/입니다/입니까, To be
2, 아/어 주다/주세요/드리세요, Request something
3,이/그/저, This/That/That over there
4,을/를, Object Particle
5,, To/From-In/on
6,, Possessive particle
7,은/는, Topic marking particle
8,으시/시,  Formal Speech
9,(이)라든가, Used for listing things
11,, Intention to do something
12,고 싶다, Hope to/ Wish to/ Want to
13,고 오다/가다, Then I will go/come
14,, Also/ Too
15,, Only
16,마다, Every
17,(으)면/면, If/If so
18,보다, That is more/less.. than that (comparison)
19,부터, From/Starting from
20, 지 마세요/지 말고, Do not…/I was told to not…
21,ㄹ/을 수 있다/없다, I can/ cannot do that
22,아니다,Am/Is/Are Not



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