Korean Grammar Int. ~거든요 (Because it is/ Because I/ If)

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거든요 = Because it is/ Because I/ If

1. (More for speech) This Korean grammar point “거든 it used to add reason to the beginning of the sentence or to add reason/own opinion to the listeners question. Hence “Because it is” “Because I”. Note that in this case 거든 id used at the end of the sentence.

2. (More for text) This grammar point can also be used like the word “if” as seen below. Note 거든 id used in the middle of the sentence.


Example of 거든요:

  • 그 가게에는 손님이 많아요. 싸거든요. = There are many customers at that shop,because it is so cheap
  • 그 분이 약을 많이 샀아요. 몸이 좋지 않거든요. = That person is buying a lot of medicine, because his body is not good.
  • 할 말이 있거든 하십시오. = If you have something to say, say it.
    바쁘지 않거든 연락해요. = If you are not busy, contact me.
    관지가 도착하거든 매튜 한테 전화하십시오. = If the letter arrives, give Matthew a phone call.
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