Korean Grammar Int. ~고요 (and…./Also….)

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~고요 = To add more information about something.

This Grammar point is used to add information either to your partners statement or to add more information to your statement. Basically translated to “and…./Also….“.It is attached to verb stems.

~고요 Example:

  • 어제 가는 식당이 맛있지요? (The restaurant we went to yesterday was delicious hey?)
  • 네, 값도 싸고요. (Yes, and/also the price was cheap)
  • 오늘은 좋은날이에요. (Today is a good day)
  • 네, 바람도 없고요. (Yes, and there is no wind)
  • 주말에는 보통 뭘 하세요? (On weekends what do you usually do?)
  • 친구들하고 낚시를 해요. 영화를도 보고요. (I go fishing with my friends and also watch movies).
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