Korean Grammar Int. ~기만 하다/ 만 하다 (Only)

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~기만 하다 = Only.

This grammar point is used when a person is doing “only” one action and nothing else,  and therefor is used with action verbs.
In the case of a N을/를 하다 verb ‘~만’ should be attached to the noun.

~기만 하다 Example:

  • 제임스가 공부 해요. James Only Studies
  • 부마님점심하고 저녁을 먹기 해요. My parents only eat lunch and dinner.
  • 사람은  행동은 하지 않고 말 해요. That person only talks but does not put it into action.
  • 나는 영화 봐요. I only watch movies.


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