Korean Grammar Int. ~네요 (When something new has been heard)

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~네요 = When something new has been heard.

We use this grammar point when something new has been discovered, so seeing or hearing something for the first time or being in that moment. Renumber don’t use the with close friends or people younger then you, just use ~네. It is used with action verbs and if is is used in the past tense you would places the in front of the 네요 = ~었네요.


~네요 Example:

  • 오늘은 사람들이 많. (Today there are a lot of people)
  • 이 라면은 아주 맛있네요. (This Ram-eon(Korean Noodles) is so Delicious)
  • 아이폰은 비싸네요. (The iPhone is expensive)



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