Korean Grammar Int. ~ ~는다고/ㄴ 다고/이라고 보다 (I think this way/I feel that way)

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~는다고/ㄴ 다고/이라고 보다 (I think this way/I feel that way)

This Korean grammar point it used to express ones opinion about an important issue or problem. it underlines the statement “I  think this way” or “I feel that way”. This grammar point attaches to verb stems. In the case of action verbs (는/ㄴ using 는 vowels). After descriptive a verb, 다고 보다 is used and with nouns (이)라고 보다 is used. And if some one has heard about the already finished action and conveys the fact, we  use -었다고 보다.
Example of Grammar Point:

  • – 그 점은 별로 문제될 게 없다고 봅니다 (I feel this wont be a problem)
  • – 우리가 가장 먼저 해결해야 할 것도 환경 문제라고 본다 (I think the first thing we need to solve is the environmental problem)
  • – 우리 동생은 앞으로 공부를 열심히 한다고 봅니다. (I think that in the future my younger brother will study hard)


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