Korean Grammar int. 는답니다/ㄴ답니다/답니다/이랍니다 (I heard that…)

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~는답니다/ㄴ답니다/답니다/이랍니다 (I heard that…)

This is used in conversation, when the speaker says something that he/she thinks the other the listener does not know, assumes so anyway. In the case of action verbs (는/ㄴ using 는 vowels). After descriptive a verb, 답니다 is used and with nouns (이)랍니다 is used. If the talked about action has already ended use -었답니다.

– 제임스, 리에 씨가 걱정은 마십시오. 리에은 건강하시답니다 (James dont worry about Lee, she is healthy)

– 뉴스에서 들으니까 제주도에서 눈이 많이 올랐답니다. (I hear from the new that in Jeju alot of snow will come down)

-부머님한테 들었는데 우리 가족들이 미국에 갔답니다. (I heard that our family will be going to America)

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