Korean Grammar Int. ~ 는/은/ㄴ데도 (Even though)

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~ 는/은/ㄴ데도 = Even though

We use this Korean grammar point when something unexpected happens. So the end of the sentence is not expected from the situation the beginning of the sentence.  “Even Though”

  • 는데도 = Used with action verbs
  • 은데도 = Used with descriptive verbs ending in a consonant
  • ㄴ데도 = Used with descriptive verbs ending in a vowel.
  • 었는데도 = Used for past tense.

Examples of ~ 는/은/ㄴ데도 = Even though:

  • 그 분은 미국 사람인데도 한국말하고 일말 도 잘 불어던데요 = Even though that person is an American he speaks Korean and Japanese well.
  • 게속 자었는데도 감기가 낫지 않아요 = Even though i keep sleeping the cold is not getting better.
  • 그 시험은 공부를 열심한데도 점수를 많지 않아요 = Even though i studied so hard for that exam, I did not get a lot of points.


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