Korean Grammar Int. ~는/은/ㄴ 편이다 (Tends to, Often)

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~는/은/ㄴ 편이다  = Tends to, Often.

This Korean Intermediate grammar point is used to express a TENDENCY rather than making an assertive and clear statement of a fact. One often uses words like 많이 (Many, A lot), 자주 (Very, a lot) etc. with this grammar point.
After action verbs we use 는 편이다
After Descriptive verbs we use (if verb ends in a noun)/(If verb ends in a vowel) 편이다

~ 는/은/ㄴ 편이다 Example:

  • 진구들과 전화를 자주 하세요? (Do you often call your friends)
  • 응, 일주일에 세 번쯤 하니까 진구들과 전화를 자주 하는 편이야. (Yes, I call my friends about 3 times a week, i tend to call my friends a lot)
  • 영화를 많이 보세요? (Do you watch a lot of movies)
  • 네, 일주일에 두 번쯤 보니까 자주 보는 편이에요. (Yes, I tend to watch a lot of movies, about two times a week)
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