Korean Grammar Int. ~는 대신에 (Instead)

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~는 대신에 (Instead)

This Grammar point is used when another action was compensated or replaced instead of doing the first action. Basically the second part of the sentence after “~는 대신에” is the decided action instead of the first action.

– 그 사람은 대답을 하는 대신에 전화를 끊었다. (Instead of answering that person on the phone i canceled the call)

– 토요일까지 일하는 대신에 월급을 많이 받는다. (instead of working up until saturday, instead i will receive a lot of salary)

-제가 표를 사는 대신에 저녁을 사 주세요 (I will by the tickets and instead you but dinner).

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