Korean Grammar Int. ~더라구요 (……as you know)

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더라구요= As you know, you know, i am telling you that
The sentence ending ~더라구요 is mostly used in spoken situations.
The ending is constructed from the retrospective suffix 더, the
statement suffix 라, the quotation particle 구 (the informal counterpart
of 고), and the politeness marker 요. Hence 더라구요
~더라구요 is used to report what a speaker has experienced or observed.
It also stresses the authenticity of the speaker’s experience and adds
meanings such as “I am telling you” and “you know.”


Example of Intermediate Korean Grammar point 더라구요:

  • 경치가 아주 아름답더라구요 . “(I am telling you that) the scenery was really beautiful.”
  • 샘이 한국어를 잘 하더라구요. “Sam spoke Korean well (you know).”
  • 집이 아주 크더라구요. “The house was really huge (you know).”
  • 나는 한국 음식이 제일 맛있더라구요. “As for me, the Korean food was the most delicious (you know).”
  • 건강을 위해서 매일 야채만 먹더라구요. “For the sake of health, (they) ate only vegetables (you know).”



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