Korean Grammar Int. ~더라도 (even though that may be the case)

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더라도= Even though it may be the case
The Korean intermediate grammar point ~더라도 means “even though (it may be the case).” It is constructed from the retrospective suffix 더, and the clausal conjunctive ~어/아도 “although.” This conjunctive is used when the speaker acknowledges the content of the ~더라도 ending clause but stresses that the following clause must be the case.


Korean Grammar point 더라도 Example:

  • 비가 오더라도 꼭 가게에 들르세요. “Even though it may rain, stop by the store for sure.”
  • 길이 막히더라도 걱정하지 마세요“Even though the road may get congested, do not worry about it.”
  • 시험에 떨어지더라도 좌절하지 마세요. “Even though you may fail the test, do not be discouraged.”
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