Korean Grammar Int. ~던데요 (As I recall)

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~던데요 = As I recall


This Korean grammar point is used to explain or express something someone has seen or experienced in a retrospective way. We use this grammar point to people younger then you or close friends and family, in conversation usually people use ~던데.

던데요 Example:

  • 어제 등상을 하니까 어때요? (How was mountain climbing yesterday)
  • 생각보다 어렵던데요. (I thought it was difficult)
  • 그 분이 우리 선생님이에요? (I that person our teacher?)
  • 네, 그런데 그 선생님이 예쁜 여자친구를 있던데. (Yes, by the way that teacher as i recall has a beautiful girlfriend)
  • 한국에 촙지않아요? (Isn’t Korea cold?)
  • 겨울에 아주 춥던데요. (In the winter i recall it to be very cold)


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