Korean Grammar Int. ~ 려던 참이다 (I am about to)

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~ 려던 참이다 = I am about to / I was about to

We use this Korean Grammar point when a person has considered to do an action, but a another action happens which overlaps with the original planned action. I was about to… We attach it to action verbs and in the case that the verb ends in a constant we use 으려던 참이다.


Korean Grammar Example ~ 려던 참이다:

  • A:언제 나갈 거예요?  = When will you leave?
  • B: 지금 막 나가려던 참이었어요. = I am about to leave.
  • A: 나는 지금 먹얼거야.  I am going to eat now.
  • B: 밥, 그렇지 않아도 저녁하려던 참이었어요. Food, I was also about to eat dinner.





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