Korean Grammar Int. ~어야지/아야지/여야지 (i will stop …)

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This grammar point is used when you make an intention or plan for yourself, as if you are talking to your self. 공부를 열심히 해야지 (i will study hard). The grammar point is attached to verbs with vowel ednings other than 아,야,오 “~어야지” is used. After verbs with “아,야,오” the ening “~아야지” is used, and for 하다 verbs we use “~어야지”. If one thinks they should not do an action we use “~지 말아야지”.

내일 아침에부터 운동을 해야지. (Starting from tomorrow i will do exercise in the morning)

술을 마시지 말아야지. (i will stop drinking alcohol)

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