Korean Grammar Int. ~(으)로서…(As A…(friend))

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~(으)로서… = As a…

This Korean grammar point is used to as an Indicator of Social Position or qualification. The Korean grammar point “(으)로서” is equal to “As a..(doctor/teacher etc)” in English.

Please Practice & Comment :),  so that others can learn.

Examples of “(으)로서” grammar point:

  • 그는 지도자로서 대단한 인물이 못 된다. = As a leader, he is not much.
  • 그는 교사로서 충분한 자격을 갖추고 있다. = He is well qualified as a teacher.
  • 의사로서 충고한다. = I advise you as a doctor.
  • 너의 절친으로서 할 말이 없다. = I have nothing to say to you as a best friend.

Also Note that when there is a verb stem + ㅁ(으)로써, becomes an adverb marker that is used to indicate the method, purpose,  or tool for doing something.

Example of ㅁ+으써:

  • 그렇게 함으로써… = by doing that…
  • 공부함으로써… = by studying
  • 로써, 이 장을 보아라. = By way of example, look at this page.
  • 로써 나는 즉시 행동하기로 결심했다. = This determined me to act at once.


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