Korean Grammar Int. ~(을/ㄹ) 텐데 (Could,Would, Think it will be)

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(을/ㄹ) 텐데 = Could,Would, Think it will be.

The Korean grammar point  “(을/ㄹ) 텐데” is used when the speakers has a presumption or expectation about something, an event, a certain circumstance or situation.  Bear in mind that this grammar point holds a little bit of a negative feeling to it.

This grammar point is a good one to know, because it can be used in many situations.


Example of “(을/ㄹ) 텐데”:

  • A: 예약되어 있을 텐데요. 그리고 사람들이 많이 올 테니까 우리들이 개인 방으로 가도돼요? (I believe I have a reservation. Also, i think many people will arrive, so could we use a private room?)
  • B: 그렇죠, 그런데 있다가 그 개인 방에 아주 시끄럴 텐데…왜냐하면 옆방에 어떤 파티를 있을 텐데… (Of course, but i think the room next to that room will be very noisy. The reason being, there will be a party there)
  • 시속 40킬로로 달리고 있었을 텐데요. (I was going 40 kilometers an hour.)
  • 나 빼고 먼저 시작했으면 좋았을 텐데. (You should have started without me.)
  • 조금 더 일찍 깨워 줬으면 좋았을 텐데. (You should have woken me sooner.)
  • 새라면 좋을 텐데! (I wish I were [ was] a bird!)
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