Korean Grammar Int. ~잖아요 (As you know)

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잖아요 = As you know


This Korean grammar point is used when the speaker is reminding/telling the listener a reason for something, that the listener is already aware of or has forgotten. 잖아요, best translation is “As you already know” “As you know” “You already know that”.

Note: “~잖아요/잖아” should not be used formally, and it is a spoken grammar not a written one.


Example of Korean Grammar point “~잖아요”

  • A. 오늘 왜 그렇게 배고 파? (Why are you so hungry today).
  • B. 오늘 점심을 못 먹잖아. (As you know we did not have lunch, that’s why) (You know why, we did not have lunch).
  • 어제 비가 많이 왔잖아요. (As you know yesterday so much rain came down).
  • 야, 나는 여자 있잖아. (Hey, you know i am woman).
  • 그건 제가 아닌 저희 부모님 것이 있잖아요. (That’s my parents, not me (As you should know)).
  • 기분 풀어. 세상은 재밌는 곳이 있잖아. (Lighten up, the world is a funny place (As you know, so do not worry)). 



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