Korean Grammar Intermediate – 는다면/ ㄴ다면/다면

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Intermediate Korean Grammar

-는다면/ ㄴ다면/다면
This grammar is similar to “If (i could do something/if something happens)
It is used for assuming a situation who’s potential impossible to realize. It is mainly used with 만약, 만일 and is attached  to a verb stems. In case of an action verb we use -는다면 for verbs that end in a vowel and ㄴ다면 is used for verbs that end in a constant.  After a descriptive verb 다면 is followed and after a noun -이라면 is used.

만일 두 사람이 헤어진다면 아이 누가 키울까요? (If the two of them split up who will bring up the child?)


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