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Hello Everyone,

welcome to “How to read Korean”


Here we will teach you how to read the Korean Language. It is easy and no need for stress. You should be able to learn how to read Korean in a day or two, depending on your effort. Living in Korea it is a must to know how to read korean, because there are many things that are not in English and one can quite lost.

Below you will find the sounds of all the Korean letters, remember to concentrate on the vowels because they can easily get mixed up due to there sounds.



learn to read Korean with consonants

The Korean alphabet has 14 consonants that are similar to those in English. However, there are double consonants that are pronounced differently. Whenever you see doubled letters, make sure to speak with a strong emphasis that almost make you sound angry.

ᄀ =g,k, like in“gorgeous”/ᄁ=kk
ᄂ = n, like in “norm”
ᄃ = d, t, like in “drum” / ᄄ = dd, tt
ᄅ = r, l, like in “road”
ᄆ = m, like in “morning”
ᄇ = b, p, like in “beast” / ᄈ = bb like in “pepper”
ᄉ = s, like in “sea”/ᄊ = ss
ᄋ= ng, like in“meeting”(However silent if placed at the beginning of the word)
ᄌ = j, like in “joy”/ᄍ = jj
ᄎ = ch, like in “chicken”
ᄏ = k, like in “key”
ᄐ = t, like in “toy”
ᄑ = p, like in “push”
ᄒ = h, like in “hat”



learn to read Korean with vowels

The Korean dialect has 10 vowels. It can be difficult to pronounce them at first because of the subtle similarity of their sounds. But once you get to hang of it, it’s pretty easy.
ᅡ = a, like in “father”
ᅣ = ya, like in “yahoo”
ᅥ = eo, like in “ah”
ᅧ= yeo, like in “y’all”
ᅩ = oh, like in “old”
ᅭ = yo, like in “yo man” ᅮ = u, like in “moon”
ᅲ = yu, like in “you”
ᅳ=eu, there is no sound like this in English. Just put your teeth together and pull your lips while you try to make this vowel sound.
ᅵ = i, like in “ill” or “silly”

Also, Korean vowels combine to make different sounds such as,

ᅢ (ᅡ + ᅵ) = ae, like in “bayer” ᅤ(ᅣ+ᅵ) =yae, like in“yeah”
ᅦ (ᅥ + ᅵ) = e, like in “never”
ᅨ (ᅧ + ᅵ) = ye, like in“Yale”
ᅪ (ᅩ + ᅡ) = wa, like in “wash”
ᅫ (ᅩ + ᅢ) = wae, like in“whey” ᅬ (ᅩ + ᅵ) = oe, also like in “whey” ᅯ (ᅮ + ᅥ) = wo, like in “woman” ᅰ (ᅮ + ᅦ) = we, like in “wedding” ᅱ (ᅮ + ᅵ) = wi, like in “wing”
ᅴ (ᅳ + ᅵ) = ui, like in “ooh-ee”
Here is beautiful video done me 99korean, after the video you will learn all you need to know about reading Korean.

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